Thursday, August 14, 2008

This unbearable heat is killing me

Blood shot eyes with koolfever - pic taken during his feverish bouts last year

Husayn is still having this on off fever and I've been having sleepless nights for a few days now that I felt like zombie everytime I punched in to work. I felt even more zombie like because my babysitter is also on medical leave which has been for more than a week now and Husayn has to be taken care of by my parents. Oh how I felt like crying!

Well, it's not because I don't like my parents to babysit Husayn, it's just usually when Husayn was down with fever my babysitter is the one who always knew what to do. I'm fine if my parents are babysitting Husayn when Husayn himself is in good health. I mean it's not like I have never left him at home with my parents before while I went for days of courses.

I guess I have to admit now that I am too dependent on my babysitter. I mean I can't even insert the ubat punggung on my son because he kept crying, while my babysitter can do it with so much ease. Let me tell you about my babysitter. She is 40++, she also babysits a few other kids besides mine and best of all she's my own auntie! I mean since she's my auntie, I know that Husayn will always be well taken care of. Husayn usually will be down with fever every month or every once in two months and he is so very very cranky and cerewet whenever he became feverish.

Anyway last night, me and my mother went for the traditional way. Mother mix the air asam jawa with daun limau and then we lumur the whole thing on Husayn so the fever will cool down. To tone down the heat even more, we took the aloe vera and cover his head with it. Alhamdulillah he slept without no problem at all last night. But this morning when I went to work I felt his body starting to heat up again.

And I really felt so futile!

Anybody care to share the right technique to insert the ubat punggung? Maybe it would really really help. After all, I am a clueless first time mother, so please bear with me.

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pizli_mw said...


Kau pergi pharmacy cari lubricant. Kau taula kan lubricant utk sex tu, durex ke apa.. aku rasa dia ada mcm2 type kut kau tngkla yg biasa2 je.. sbb ni utk budak bukan utk pleasure.

Ok, kau ambik ubat tu, kau sapu dgn lubricant tu, lepas tu kau suruh husband kau angkat dia, kira masa kau masukkan ubat tu masa dia berdiri.. kalau tak berjaya, suruh dia sujud.. itula cara aku buat kat anak aku.. Lubricant tu maybe adala utk medical punya tapi aku tak jumpa so aku beli je durex tu..

Umar pun demam sekarang ni.. masalahnya dia kat nursery boleh aktif main masa demam, tapi bila balik rumah nak bermanja je heheeh..

Ok semoga berjaya..

Daripada: Ayah (bukan mummy) :D

precious innocent said...

time ryan dulu, i p belasah je cucuk ubat buntut tu, without ape2 lubricant.. kejam x haku???

tp i pun mana nak tau... huhu

-mama emma-

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