Monday, August 11, 2008

The story of Carrie and co.

I've finally watched the movie that most womenfolk in this planet got excited about - SEX AND THE CITY! I've never really watched SATC the series even when it was showing on HBO. I don't know, maybe because I thought those women lives are too good to be true. I know they are supposed to have careers or something but all they did was shopping for more shoes and bags and look at those fabulous clothes! Or maybe looking at their designer labels wardrobes make me want to switch channels because it reminded me of my limited amount of dosh to spend. Haha.

As one Australian review put it, "Sex and the City is an unashamed celebration of materialist values, an orgy of labels, brands and product placements as sinful, by implication, as the behaviour of the characters". I thought that was totally true! But on the other hand, I did enjoy the women's close friendship among each other in the movie. It just make you want to rush to your best friends' house and hug them!

One thing that caught me during the movie was one quote:

"She was a smart girl until she fell in love"
That was straight to the point but oh so true! I mean I've seen that happen in some people that I know. I know a girl who is so smart that her parents are really proud of her and she has this really stable and steady job with good income but the moment she fell in love everything started to go rapidly downhill. She did marry her man, and really really tried to hold on to her marriage but at last the marriage was dissolved. The good thing that came out of the marriage was her son which thankfully resembled the mother!

All in all, go watch Sex and the City with your girl friends, I mean they will really appreciate this movie much more than your man at least. As for me I watched the movie, thanks to this pirated DVD that husband bought for me, in the quiet of my own room while breastfeeding Husayn. And no, Husband was not with me when I was watching the movie. Hehe.

Lastly take a look at this wonderful room for Lily, Charlotte's adopted child, taken from
It is simply divine and absolutely delicious!

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Zuhaini said...

err... maybe i'm the only person in the planet yg tak tgk lg... ;(

precious innocent said...

zuhaini, i pun x tgk lg la..

he he..

-mama emma ketinggalan kah?-

supermummy said...

haha..kalau tak tgk pon takper..takdela rugi sangat sebenarnye..kehkeh

precious innocent
bolehla beli DVD di kedai yang berdekatan..sbb kalau tgk kat wayang cite ni mesti byk potong..kehkeh

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