Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stellar Sabah Part I: Sabah stole my heart away

Note: This is the first part of a 4 part series of my trip to Sabah. Any geographical mistakes, mispronounciation, misspelling are purely unintentional.

Our flight landed at Terminal 2, KK around 12.30 midnight. I have never felt so relieved in my life because the longer the flight took, the longer Husayn will cry. Haha. Did I mention about my worries about him crying during the flight? Well I was right to be worried! He actually cried non stop in the middle of the flight because he was so restless that I felt like crying myself!

Husayn at LCCT's McDonalds : before boarding the flight

My aunt, Cik Ameng and her husband, Cik Shahrul picked us up and we went straight to Marina Court Condo at KK where they (Cik Ameng, Cik Shahrul and their 5 kids and her husband's mother aka Tok) rented a 3 bedroom unit. It was nice and we even got our own room!

view from our unit at Marina Court

The next morning, me, Husband, Husayn and Cik Ameng's kids went for a swim at the swimming pool and I was really excited because it was Husayn's first time swimming! And he seemed to enjoy it too!

Husayn in his new swimsuit!

After checking out from Marina court we were all bundled together on in Nissan Vannette. Yes the 11 of us! It was sempit alright, but it was fun! My cousin said we all were like pendatang with all those mountains of bags visible from at the back of the van. Haha. We went to Filipino market which was not very far from Marina Court while Husband, Cik Shahrul and my cousins went for their Friday prayer at a nearby mosque. I thought the market was open air but actually it was not and it was really really extra hot inside! I managed to borong some brooches which I myself am not sure how much the price differ from Semenanjung but I bought it anyway since I've already arrived at that place. I shopped while holding Husayn who kept merengek. And as soon as we got out of Filipino market Husayn went into crying fenzy that I didn't know what got into him. And he didn't stop until 1 hour after that! I suspect maybe he was hungry, tired and sleepy all at the same time. He kept crying and refused milk or food and I was so worried because he has never cried like that before. At last we took his shirt off because the weather was so hot and Husband dodoi him to sleep and thankfully he stopped crying after that.

Husayn post crying photo

Our next destination was Kinabalu Pine Resort which was located in Kundasang, near Gunung Kinabalu. The weather was so clear that we managed to see the famous Gunung Kinabalu so clearly!

behind the semak is Gunung Kinabalu!

The weather was a little bit cold and as soon as we arrived we proceed to our lunch and it was already 5pm. The area was beautiful and hilly, the Gunung looked surreal and we really loved it!

Husayn with his uncles and aunt at Kinabalu Pine Resort

At the porch after having our dinner

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