Friday, August 8, 2008

Stellar Sabah Part 4: Back to the real world

Oh I dread to think that today was suppose to be our last day in Sabah! We had such a wonderful time in here but I guess everything nice has to come to an end so quickly. Our flight was scheduled at 4.25pm, so we bid Keningau goodbye around 10 something in the morning. But before that, Husayn still had time to play with all the Vespas at my aunt's house. You see my uncle is an avid Vespa fan that he actually owned 4 types of Vespa at his house in Keningau. And Husayn, kept pestering people to place him on the Vespa. And these are some of the pics:

After kemas2, we headed back to Kota Kinabalu. The road from Keningau to Kota Kinabalu is more or less like this:

We arrived at Kota Kinabalu Airport around 3pm. We checked in and guest what, our bags totaled up to more than 40kg of weight! And we are charged RM150 for that. Adoi, bencinya! I kept thinking how many pearls or brooches I can borong with that RM150 and now we have to pay for the exceeding weight. Ish. But then, nak buat macam mana. We came here with 2 bags, but we came back with 4 bags. Who else to blame but ourselves. Haha.

Alhamdulillah Husayn was okay during the flight back to KL but look at what he was doing in the flight:

But then all that matter was he did not cry or scream like he did during our flight to KK. All in all, it was a greaaaat holiday, but it's back to work!

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precious innocent said...

huh... husayn kecik2 ada skill nak merempit je...

tp jgn merempit kat highway je.. rempit p masjid (mcm ckp ustaz akil hayy)

-mama emma-

H said...

Thank you for writing about Sabah. I came across your trip report after googling about Sabah. I will be visiting KK for the first time and your pics and reports have been very useful esp the pics at Pine, as we plan to stay there as well. I'll write about my trip when I come back!

mazzura said...

bestnye pergi sabah..saya lom sampai lagi ke sana..rajin betul u bercuti smpai ke sana ye..

supermummy said...

mama emma
ahaha..tu la..tapi jgn la pulak rempit pegi masjid tapi tak masuk pun masjid tu..mmg nak kenala mcm tu..haha

glad to know about that! enjoy your visit to Pine..I really really missed that place! And do wake up early in the morning to enjoy the scenery!

ha kita orang mmg suka travel..kumpul duit sikit2 pastu gi jalan2..takpon tunggu tiket free (yg takde la free mana tapi bolela) dari airasia..haha

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