Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stellar Sabah Part 3: Pasar Tamu & Picnic

Today was more relax compared to yesterday. At 11 in the morning we went to Pasar Tamu Keningau which is located not far from my aunt's house. It was so hot and the Pasar Tamu is closing anyway. But I still managed to continue shopping for brooches while Husayn was asleep in Husband's arms.

Sleepy Husayn wondering what is his mummy doing shopping so long

I even found out that they sold avocado fruits at the market!
Tok looking at the avocado fruits

Sabah is not for durian lover though. After the Tamu, we went to a local supermarket and they sold 1 durian for a whopping RM13! I wonder why. After that we went home and prepared to marinate some chickens for BBQ that was supposed to be this afternoon! We will be having a picnic at a nearby sungai and I am really excited!

Two tents for us!

We set up two tents by the riverside and prepared for the BBQ.
Some of us was in charge of the BBq while some already went for swimming. The weather was clear but the water was really really cold! As for Husayn, he was terrified everytime Husband and I rendam him in the river!

Let's get out of here mummy!

The only time Husayn was laughing in the water was when he threw some pebbles into the river.
Jom baling batu!

My cousins

After having a swim it's makan time!

While Husayn was in the tent doing this!


The most tiring during this picnic was chasing Husayn around the river side because he kept chasing a few stray dogs in the area. I did not even get the chance to really mandi in the river! But all in all, it was a really enjoyable day and we went home that evening feeling tired and we even finished the whole 3kg of chicken! Sweet! Hehe.

4 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

wah... seronoknye dier.. jejalan sabah!

lagi seronok duk dalam kemah! wah.. nature lover gitu!

(nak ckp apa td.. saya da lupa la..)oh ya, pasar tamu tu mcm pasar tani ek..?

*seronok mandi sungai ek! jernih tul! :)

ladyell said...

beshnyer picnic...takde dpt ikan sungai yg fresh?

supermummy said...

aah..pasar tamu tu mmg macam pasar tani pon..tapi yg saya pegi pasar tamu keningau je..tatau la pulak pasar tamu lain..hehe

aha takde pulak menangkap ikan..kalau dpt ikan sungai mesti sedap kan..nyam nyam

precious innocent said...

syok baca vacation org lain.. lalalala

-mama emma-

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