Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stellar Sabah Part 2: Really eventful day

Today is my birthday! So after Subuh me and Husband enjoyed the scenery from the porch while Husayn was still sleeping. I saw a Chinese woman next door deep in meditation and then she started doing all this qi gong moves that I found fascinating. We watched the sun rise and we were really grateful that Gunung Kinabalu were still visible and clear. My aunt told us that the first time she came here the Gunung Kinabalu was hidden by the clouds.

View from the porch during sunrise

Husayn woke up and after having our breakfast we went to Rabbit House behind our rented unit.
Husayn feeding the rabbits his breakfast leftover

And then mummy and Husayn went to take photo with Gunung Kinabalu as the background. We also went for a walk to the playground and fish pond.

Muka bangun tidur mummy and son

After check out, we went around Kundasang area and see for ourselves those amazing vegetables farm. One thing at Kundasang is, the vegetables were quite cheap while fruits can be a tad expensive. We bought a kilo of mata kucing for a whopping RM10! We stopped near Kinabalu Park but we did not exactly go into the park since Cik Shahrul was afraid that the Vanette will not be able to climb on the steep road inside the park. Since it was really at kaki gunung, the weather was so cold eventhough it looked sunny.

With Husayn's little uncle near Kinabalu Park

After finish taking pictures, we suddenly found out that the Vanette petrol was leaking. Can you imagine being stuck there with no petrol? Haha. Luckily my uncle just sumbat it with something and we were moving fine and dandy again! As we bid goodbye to Gunung Kinabalu, we made our way to Keningau, to my aunt's house. The journey would approximately took 4 or 5 hours! We passed by Tamparuli and we found the famous Jambatan Tamparuli! The bridge was actually jambatan gantung, and all this while I thought the jambatan can be passed through by car! It was a really gayat experience!
scared of height but still managed to take some pic

After having lunch at Tamparuli, we continued our journey to Keningau. As we passed by Tuaran, my uncle decided that we were going to the Crocodile Farm at Tuaran! The Crocodile farm was quite big with a few other animals besides crocodiles such as ostrich, deer, fish, and some other animals.

Husayn playing with the kerbau

Husayn was really excited that he kept running here and there. It was really tiring trying to keep up with him.

At the bamboo house

At the shop outside the farm, they have this bags shop made from crocodile skin. The bags were quite nice but take a look at the price tag:

This one is priced at RM30k ++!

The Green Bag is "cheaper" than the first one..RM4k++ only..still not that cheap! hehe..

From Tuaran we passed by Kota Kinabalu, and then to Papar where we stopped for our maghrib prayer at a nearby Petronas station. Ironically the surau is a unisex surau so we have to wait for quite a while until the surau was cleared. We continued our journey to Keningau which was around 2 hours++ from Papar. But beware, you have to go through this Banjaran Crocker to get through Keningau.

And it was at this Banjaran Crocker when the van suddenly stopped in the middle of our journey through a steep bukit because of the van's heavyload. And can you imagine walking in the middle of banjaran, with a steep gaung at your side at 9pm? That's what we did exactly, well except me and Husayn actually. Since Husayn is still considered a baby, we got to stay in the car while the others have to climb the steep bukit. It was really cold since it was at the peak of the banjaran but alhamdulillah we all made it ! We arrived safely at Keningau around 10 pm, all tired and sleepy but thanks goodness we made it through that Banjaran Crocker!

It was a really adventurous and eventful day, but all that matters was we really enjoyed it!

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shafa said...

Bestnya p Sabah...cuti sakan nampak. Tapi yang tang hand Bag tue yang x tahan tgk harga dia tue. Mahalnya handbag.

supermummy said...

tu la..handbag tu fully from crocodile skin..agaknya sbb tu mahal mencanak-canak..

precious innocent said...

agak2 ada x mak2 datin yg beli9 handbag nie?

-mama emma-

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