Monday, August 18, 2008

Poco Poco Sunday!

My first poco-poco was during my Induction Courses and my moves were all horribly wrong! The moves were actually quite simple to follow, but being a beginner, I had a problem in following the steps at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is really really fun! For all those of you who have just heard of poco-poco, it is actually a type of line dance originated from Minahasa People in Sulawesi. The background song is actually a really catchy one from Yopie Latul. Well currently there are a few versions of that song, we even have one here by Inul Dartista

The poco poco wave has caught on Malaysians and currently you can see it is being integrated in aerobic and dance classes, and also performed in events or even at schools. And government offices really love doing this poco poco thing, well at least in my office. If you are like me who are just too lazy to follow that rigourous aerobic moves, then poco poco is the perfect exercise for you. Oh, and even all the Mak datins love this poco poco thing!

Here's a video of poco poco that i got from you tube

And I love love this version of Yopie Latul of poco poco! You can download Poco Poco MP3 of my favourite version here and start to poco poco away! Here's the lyrics:

Yopie Latul - Poco Poco

Balenggang pata-pata
Ngana pe goyang pica-pica
Ngana pe bodi poco-poco

Cuma ngana yang kita cinta
Cuma ngana yang kita sayang
Cuma ngana suka biking pusing

Ngana bilang
Kita na sayang
Rasa hati ini malayang
Jau… uh… ci ya … ci ya

Biar kita ngana pe bayang
Biar na biking layang-layang
Cuma ngana yang kita sayang

3 superstars:

precious innocent said...

tried b4, masa tu i blum kawin..

mmg fun je poco2 nie..

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

aha tu dan tak susah sgt pon..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

syok join poco poco nie
me dpt ikut pun bila ada kursus hu hu

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