Monday, August 11, 2008

An off day should do me good

It's Monday and I'm on emergency leave! Well actually emergency leave because my parents went back to kampung and my babysitter is in the hospital, so there is nobody to look after Husayn and I had to take a day off. It was quite a week with Husayn down with fever and diahorrea with a little blood in the diahorrea that got me scared, he also refused milk, either mine or the formula milk, my babysitter has been in the hospital for a week for dengue, works have been hectic and marriage sometimes do takes it toll on me..haha.

Anyway yesterday me, Husband and Husayn went to Giant Kelana Jaya to buy something for Husayn. We were toying of buying him a bicycle or a tolo car, and at last we opt for the latter.
Here are pics of him with the tolo car. He can actually ride the tolo car backward but not forward. And he calls the tolo car Bob maybe because he thought the tolo car resembled one of the characters in Bob the Builder. But don't you hate the name tolo? I mean we can always include L in the end and that it will become something else..hehe.

Riding Bob while munching on amplang

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precious innocent said...

husayn leh geng dgn ryan, cuma ryan punye colour merah..

-mama emma-

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