Thursday, August 28, 2008

Of Eiffel Tower and the Olympics

The eiffel tower climbing boy and his father

Did you read about the 4-year old who is to scale Eiffel Tower? I was amazed but at the same time I kept wondering why Malaysians love enter the record books in the most ironic of feats. Well, there's the biggest, the strongest, the longest, the youngest you name it. Instead of all this, why don't we actually train great athletes? I mean after all this feat, we would expect Malaysians to actually have a great athlete, at least. Ok, maybe you will say this post is actually inspired by Malaysia's only winning the silver medal in the Olympics. Well,maybe part of it is true, but I am certainly not quite satisfied with Malaysia not having any athlete that worth mentioning, okay so maybe except Nicol David, but mind you squash is not even listed as one of the games in the Olympics!

The day they announced that they are giving one million ringgit to Malaysian Olympic gold winner I was aghast. I mean why would you waste taxpayers money on the athlete when there are so many unfortunate people around the country? But a few days after that it hit me. They are giving the million ringgit because nobody will actually get that million ringgit. And how right I was!

I mean how could Jamaica with a population of only nearly 3 million people won 6 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics as opposed to Malaysia with nearly 25 million population only won one silver medal. How ironic is that? Something is wrong there and I hope at least a Malaysian will break that barrier and win a gold medal, well at least in my lifetime.

As for the Eiffel Tower climbing boy, this mummy here pray for your success and hope one day you will be a great athlete and maybe win a gold medal for Malaysia in the Olympics!

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Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

mmmm no comment about that
me pun x setuju ngan ganjaran RM1 Million tu...rasa cam membazir jer....nasib xde yg bernasib baik dpt gold hu hu

budak tu sangat terror ler...

precious innocent said...

just nak nyanyi je kat sini.. lalalala

(sila abaikan komen2 i yg mengarut nie... u pun tau reasonnye kan...)

-mama emma-

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