Sunday, August 24, 2008

Listing on Supermummy Fab Shopping Sites

Don't you love online shopping? There are so many online shops these days that you don't know which is your favourite! Sometimes you even got lost in that maze of online shopping (yes it is that many!). In view of this confusion that I always experienced, I would like to invite all Malaysian online shop owners (especially selling kids and mummy related stuff!) to register in this new listing for that has been created. It will make it easier for all of us to browse all of our favourite shopping sites and best of all the listing is for free!
It does not matter what are you selling, or where do you hosted your websites, you are so very welcome to register!

Once you have register and submit your site do remember this 2 important things:
1) Please activate your account by checking your email. If you does not activate, you are still considered not registered.

2. Then, please link back to us by inserting the voting code at your website. Any sites that do not link back to us will get a reminder from moi, and if it is ignored will be taken out from the list.

It is really simple , so what are you waiting for? Just log on here and voila, you are listed!

4 superstars:

precious innocent said...

nie ada potensi nak mhabiskan duit lg nih..

hu hu..

-mama emma-

My Indulgenze said...

can u link me ...pls...thanks

supermummy said...

precious innocent
ini caranya untuk memudahkan proses menghabiskan duit..hahah

my indulgenze
hi, u are now listed at supermummy fab shopping sites!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

wow wow weeeee
cuci mata
cuci poket
he he he

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