Friday, August 22, 2008

I feel fat, maybe I am really fat!

Have you ever had those "I feel fat" days? Well I did this morning. It's not actually I feel fat day, more to like I feel fat moment-when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I admit I have been eating so unhealthily this last few months. I never gave a thought about what I eat, which actually reads I eat everything that is being offered to me.

And I guiltily admit, I eat CHOCOLATES everyday people! If I cannot get my hands on chocolates I will settle for the Tiger Biscuit - The one with Peanut & Chocolate Flavour, I so love that!I can finish the whole thing by myself! And the other day at my office's co-op I found another Tiger Biscuit must-have - The Strawberry Yogurt Cream Flavour! I feel really guilty everytime I finish the whole bunch of biscuits, but it did not stop me from eating it less. In fact I am eating it right now. Haha.

The TIGER and the ROCKY is a must!
I must be a real glutton to swallow all this. I checked the scale the other day and my weight is intact at 56kg, that is my original weight before my pregnancy! My weight before I gave birth is at 72kg and that 16kg that I piled up during my pregnancy! Sweet isn't it? But you cannot help but realise even though the weight is still the same, the thigh is getting as big as tree trunk and there's the tummy which bounce slightly when I walk. Haha, yes it is that bad. And worse, I am not doing anything about it but eating more chocolates and sweet things! I need to do something about this, and I hope from today I can eat chocolates once in a a week only. At least there's a start right. And I really need to do exercises at least once a week. Begone tummy, begone!

I've tried this Nona Roguy thing before, the Phytonatal pills during my confinement. It is really help in shedding those lemak away and returning me to my 56kg weight. I wonder if it will work if I use it now in helping me to shed those lemak. Anybody have any experience with that? Any success stories using any methods or products are also welcome. Haha..I do sound really desperate here! Haha.

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mommylyssa said...

i hate "feel fat days"!

i used to take nona roguy b4 I was pregnant. kalau leh tahan asyik nk ke toilet jer... mmg badan rasa ringan. I bought the set to use during my confinement tp tak makan pun the pils or apa2 jamu cos i takut my baby panas badan.

now tgh diet herbalife...pun mcm ok...weighing machine tunjuk turun n my mom pun ckp nampak dah kurus skit...but still in proses laa...

nak exersize malak laa pulak ;-)

achee_b165 said...

i x pernah try product nona roguy nie... masa dlm pntang i amik jamu se8 jer (mustika ratu)... my weight loss from 71kg (during pegnent) to 51 kg...ok huh? heh...

skrg i amik jamu MAB (maajun anggun bistari), utk kesihatan bdn membetulkn balik yg mana x betul tu...+ jamu ni dpt memberikan rasa kurang la mkn..kekeke!
my weight getting down n down..skrg 47 @ 48kn..lebih kurang masa i lum kawen...percayakah? percayalah...heh!!

ditambah i sedang menganti puasa dgn i pn x sure adakah kerana jamu atau kerana puasa?? emm..what u think? heh!

i cadangkn u puasa ker?...dlm masa sama leh diet gak kn? he...


Zuhaini said...

56..? fat..? bunyik mcm sedang sedang saja... hihi.. :)

buat la mcm Aizat AF.. makan nasik satu sudu seminggu, mkn buah, n sayur, avoid junk food n bicarbonated drinks.. :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

hi Supermummy, i think 56kg still within normal BMI. I'm worse than you - I dont snack alot but I luv to eat real heavy solid, natural fatty food like rice, meat even for breakfast. Problem kan? I try to burn it by walking a lot during shopping (alasan aje!). Thats why I cant wait for fasting mth.

supermummy said...

yes, the part where you have to go to toilet when consuming nona roguy is unbelievable! if you have to go to the toilet it just cannot wait! haha. i thought herbalife is quit expensive. which herbalife products did u use?

macam best je maajun tu..berapa harganya and kat mana bole dapat? ada apa2 side effects tak? takut jugak kang makan2 ada benda lain pulak yg jadi tak betul.ha..nasib baik dah nak bulan puasa ni..bolela nak turun sikit2

oh ku tidak boleh hidup dgn nasi se sudu seminggu! nasi wajib di makan setiap hari time lunch! haha..kalau tak lapar gilaa..

shopaholic mama
yes it is within normal BMI, tapi I'm really out of shape la :(
For me la kan, yg penting bukan berat tu..tapi yg penting shape of our body..i mean kalau 56kg tapi lemak sana sini dan peha seperti pokok ni (ya ini lah diri sya sekarang!) pon tak syiok juga..heheh

mommylyssa said...

haaa...mmg a bit expensive jugaklaa...tuu my hubs make sure i amik betul2 n bukan separuh jalan mcm my gym membership hihihihihi... rugi duit jer kalau tidak! Dlm 4oo jugak lah sebulan. pokai pokai... nak selimmm punya pasalll... why not u cuba pakai girdle kalau u risau pasal bodyshape n bukan weight... my sis swears by 'slim n lift' from quantum showcase.

puan.cokolat said...

chocs boleh hilangkan stress ekceli..
bila saya stress saya akan makan chocs or ice cream!
it works!
tapi akibatnya tanggung lewww!!!
ohh... tau tak blackchoc bagus utk orang2 yang sdg diet gitu...
but quite pahit sedikit..
tapi me lagi suka choc pahit sket dari yang manis!


Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

me lagi gemuks
hu hu hu
hari2 mmg rasa me gemuks

precious innocent said...

i x penah rasa gemuk.. tp rasa kering... leh x?
even masa preggy dulu pun, badan i xde la mengembang sgt.. cuma besar tang perut je.. tang lain menten... entah ape2...

-mama emma-

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