Saturday, August 23, 2008

A balance of money and happiness

I was browsing through Malaysia Homeschool Unite's forum today when I came across this thread about favourite quote. I thought it's a good one and guess what is my favourite quote? Here it is originally by Bo Derek:

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

Does that make me look really materialistic? Haha. Anyway did you remember when we were in school which was like aeons ago, we used to be given this particular essay topic related to money or happiness, which one would you choose. Anyway if me I would love a balance of both. What is happiness when you don't have any money anyway? At least not in this trying times of rising costs in almost everything. And money without happiness sounds really distressing. I mean if you have all the money in the world but you feel so dead and empty, then what would that make you?

Pardon me for all this thoughts, must be that I cannot wait to get my gaji or paycheck this month!

If money can buy happiness it would be one Toyota Harrier and a Changkat View Condominium in Jalan Duta (which by the way is really near to my office)for me!

Anyway to all parents out there, I found this Parenthood Expo event that is going to be held from today until Sunday. It's admission-free and best of all it's at Midvalley, which means you can go shopping or movie watching afterwards! I really would love to go to this expo and hopefully Husband will agree to it. Hehe. Happy Weekend everyone!

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Sue@MamaMaryam said...

sy pun dah x sabo nak gaji..huhu nak p wh sale !!! eeeeeeeee syoknya... salam kenal :)

mommylyssa said...

ye lah tuu... tak sabar nak dapat gaji!!!

Mimi said...

good idea! maybe i'll bump into u at the expo eh?? thanks :D

nasazfrog... said...

hai mummy... bleh sy singgah sinih... :)

precious innocent said...

i pun teringin nak p xpo tu.. tp haiya... y la depa x buat time gaji ek?


-mama emma-

drama mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't blogging the best!

I have never believed the money can't buy happiness thing. It would sure give me a lot more peace of mind, and that would be pretty happy!

Have a great weekend!

supermummy said...

wh sale sampai bila? isk teruja semua pon sale ni cemana..

hahah..agaknya kot!

did u go to the expo?


precious innocent
ala..expo tu biasa2 je..baik shopping kat MV lagi best..ekhkeh

drama mama
thanks for dropping by!

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