Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby First Teeth

Husayn's teeth does not come out until he nearly turns one year old. I was really worried, thinking that did I not provide him with enough calcium or did I not provide him with enough milk. But once the teeth comes out, it comes out in twins! And even when his teeth did not come out yet, Husayn really bites! I mean once the teeth is there, the bites are really painful too bear, yes eventhough he is only one!

Worse thing is, he not only bite me, but everything, or anyone he can chew on he will simply bite. And this bite case was at its peak when he bites other kids at the babysitter! He actually 'attacked' this lurus-looking 2 year old kid (bear in mind he has not yet turn one at the time) and bite the kid's cheek. I came to the babysitter on that day looking aghast at my own child because the aftermath of the bite is really for all to see! It is dark in colour and round, sort of like wearing a blusher only it is dark and on a 2 year old boy. I mean how do you tell a one year old not to bite a 2 year old? Haha. Thanks goodness Husayn is sort of out of that phase right now. If not, can you believe how awkward it is we as parents have to explain to that parents that your own child just attacked their child and how sorry we are? Anyway luckily the mother of the kid that Husayn attacked was understandable. Oh well, I do understand if he feel like pinching Husayn though. Haha.

Anyway during the Parenthood Expo I came across this booth selling toothpaste for babies and toddlers. They have this really cute looking brush that you can insert into your finger to brush your child teeth. I did not buy it though, as it cost around 30++. Currently I just clean Husayn's teeth using clean cloth. Heheh.

The toothpaste. The pink thingy is the toothbrush that I mentioned

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ummi balqis said...

ouch..! husayn gigit!!!



ariffda said...

my bby tumbuh gigi masa umur 6bln tapi berjln lambat la...

supermummy said...

haha..sakit dia gigit..saya ada a few lebam di tangan untuk

oooo..ha husayn ni dia tumbuh gigi lambat, jalan pon lambat..tumbuh gigi dekat setahun, jalan pulak masa setahun sebulan..hehe

Zuhaini said...

uiks.. sekali dia gigit budak 2 tahun! hebat Husayn nih.. :)

**tak silap saya, kat kedai ada jual toothbrush for babies.. di bhgn barangan bayi.. cuba carik. yg bentuk mcm jari tu..

Shopaholic Mama said...

what?? 30++ for the brush? adults brush Oral B pun takde this mahal seh! I think dulu, I just use the Lion or Kodomo brand for the babies. Sayang nak beli mahal2 pakainya sekejap aje!

supermummy said...

30++ for brush+ toothpaste....oo ada ye lion or kodomo brand for babies..harus di cari nanti! thanks shopaholic mama!

supermummy said...

tu laa..budak 2 tahun tu kalau husayn pegang sikit je dah nangis merengek..dah tau kot..kehkeh..kesian betol

achee_b165 said...

husayn lmbat ek.... mama pn riso gak, si Oja nie next month dh 1 year...gigi dia pn xder lg....riso mama...wawawawa!!
jalan pn bru tateh2,bgun jatuh!! hhuhu!!


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

kiter guna this toothpaste utk my Adam .. beli kat Guardian amsa sales cos RM27+ murah jer .. x yah beli berus yg finger tue .. mahal ..beli jer berus gigi yg masuk jari tue asing2 .. kt dept store biasanya ada jual .. mmg direkomenkan oleh dentist for babies ... sebab dia non-floride ... guna skit jer .. time pagi & petang@mlm ;-)

supermummy said...

aha..jgn risau..adala tu nnt tumbuh giginya..nnt dah tumbuh gigi asyik menggigit pulak..kehkeh

ooo ya ke..nanti insya allah nak cari..thanks for sharing!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kalau dah ada gigi
mmg camtu ler...
sediakan jer lah daging2 kita utk mengasah gigi depa tu..

zana pernah belikan batrice yg teeth brush masukkan dlm jari tu...senang guna...coz' dia lembut jer....he he he

precious innocent said...

i beli kodomo yg murah tu je... ye la.. i kan bjimat.. haha (xleh kata kedekut!! :P)

-mama emma-

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