Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Before it's too late..

Husayn licking his baju
Husayn bullying mummy!
Husayn needs a haircut!

Husayn really needs a haircut, so if anybody know where is the suitable kedai gunting rambut to cut little Husayn's hair, please drop a message, and not to mention the price please! And he really loves to bully mummy too! He wil simply get on my back and pretend that I am a motorbike and he will start making this motorbike noise. And the best thing is if mummy says " Sayang ..tolong picit !" he will picit2 on mummy's back and when he finished he will shout "Dah!" Haha..macam macam budak kecik ni.

Anway on a more serious and sombre note, I was browsing The Star's website today and I found this news:

Toddler Drowns in pail of water

Apparently, Irdina Nasuha, 18 month old was found drowned with her head inside the pail of water. As a mother I always found this news related to baby and toddler accident extremely horrifying, because deep inside I feel a great fear of this kind of thing happening to me, well as they say accidents do happen sometimes, right? And did you read about a 4-year-old kid falling to death from apartment's balcony last week? I was deeply saddened by the news and at the same time I was also horrified because I think that can happen to anybody.

Before it's too late, I guess as parents we could always take extreme precaution to prevent this thing to happen. Always keep the door shut in places such as bathroom and kitchen. And as your child grows, and as that little hands start creeping searching for something to play with ( well unfortunately they usually found the dangerous ones to our utter horror!), please keep your home (and your babysitter's!) safe for them to play with. The most important thing is to monitor your child closely to prevent this kind of unfortunate incident.

2 superstars:

precious innocent said...

intan, i suka la ur pic dgn husayn tu... cute!! i mean u tau!!

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ha ha ha..
like my princess...
naik kuda...x kira ler mama or papa
sapa2 pun boleh jadi mangsa..pastu kena round kat hall tu....hu hu hu
mau patah pinggang dibuatnyer

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