Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Dear Nuffnang,

I thought it was so very nice of you to hold this Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest. I mean do you know how hard it is for a small time blogger like me to earn even RM1 from you? This contest is really cool, and if I am destined to win it, it will be even more cooler! Who will in their right mind give voucher worth up to RM1500 to spend at Real Mart. And since 2 August is my BIRTHDAY it will be amazinglyfabulouslysuperblydeliciously super duper uber marvellously wonderful to win this!

So what do I have to do to snatch that grand prize? I guess I have to be extra generous and awarded fellow nuffnanger a gift. Well, before you turn around and buzz me off for the fact that actually the correct word would be virtual gift, mind you it could be real if I do win. Haha.

And so, the lucky nuffnanger would be..

the Husband! (please ignore Husayn's picture)

So why would moi choose the husband?

I admit that I am guilty for frequently coming out with excuses every year for not buying anything on his birthday, I think my husband really need this..

A Panasonic Man Travel Shaver!

Before you ask why the Husband needs a travel shaver, have a look at this first..

and you will understand why..I mean the Panasonic Man Travel Shaver is desperately needed so he can get rid of that hairy janggut for the sake of our marriage's harmony..hehe

Here's another 7 reasons why the Panasonic Man Travel Shaver is perfect for the Husband:
1. The hairy janggut is dangerous for my son, Husayn. It can cause scratches when Husband
nuzzles Husayn's face.
2. Even my aunt has nicknamed him Taliban because of the hairy janggut
3. He looks a whole lot more better without those jangguts
4. He does not need to go to mamak barber shop to shave his janggut and this will save money!
One shave cost around RM 5 or RM6 and he usually shave once in 2 weeks (yes that's how
fast the janggut grows)!
5. It will take less time for him to get ready in the morning, so I can go to the office earlier (if the
janggut is like the above picture he will need to pamper it with Johnson's baby oil and sikat all
the janggut, and it took too much time!)
6. My friends will stop calling him Wolverine
Pic of Wolverine for your references

7. He can shave whenever or wherever that he pleases
8. The Wife (which is me) don't like the feel of the janggut on my own face
9. I prefer him looking clean and clear like this below picture:

If I do actually won the Real Mart RM1500 voucher, I pledge to buy the Panasonic Man Travel Shaver because I simply love him and I want my child to be cuts-free around him!

To all Nuffnangers out there log on here and pick your gift now. You are also welcome to award me with any gift should you won. Heheh.

5 superstars:

dott said...

muahaha! love this entry. your hubs sama macam my hubs. I bought him a philip shaver as hantaran. He hardly use it. Maybe one or twice kot. Few times i've threathened to donate the shaver to someone who badly needs it. huhuu! Still he kept it in his drawer, dah berkulat kot.

Hope you win the shaver. *smile*

Zuhaini said...

saya pun da masuk contest ini.. ;) thanx!

supermummy said...

you can donate it to me so i can give it to my husband..haha

ok..good luck!

precious innocent said...

lupa nak tanya, so u menang x Nuffnang Gift Ideas nie?

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ha ha ha...
so ikhlas ler entry nie
he he he

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