Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The most daring thing you've done during your pregnancy

Husayn in the womb

Don't you love being pregnant? Your skin will start going all glowy (don't mention the stretchmark please..hehe), suddenly all the attention is on you, everybody start to rub your belly to feel the baby kicking, and you will most probably get a seat if you are in a crowded public transport ( it depends actually especially here on Malaysia! sometimes the able ones will just pretend to sleep and the pregnant ones will be left standing..believe me, I've witnessed this one!).

Husayn made into my womb unexpectedly, so the morning sickness and all that crazy mengidam things was quite new to me. Here are the list of 'unexpected' things that I've done during my pregnancy:

#1. Walk from Damansara Uptown to One Utama.
Damansara Uptown was where my previous office was located. I was 5 months pregnant, and at the time I was so pissed at Husband because he was supposed to pick me up at 6.30 and when I called him he was still in KL. And with the jam and all that I believe he will reached my office around 8. Until now I don't know what driven me to actually walk from Uptown to One utama. I remember walking beside the crowded highway, then passed to TV3 and only then I arrived at One Utama. Mind you I've tried hailing a cab, but all the cabs were full!

#2. Crying just to eat apam balik
It was a rainy day and we were on our way back from work and I just had to have those scrumptious apam balik! We were searching for every stalls that we know sell apam balik, but ironically not even one was open, maybe it was due to the rain. The one in front of Giant kelana Jaya was opened but they ran out of apam balik. At the end of the day I don't get any apam balik, and Husayn kept drooling when he was a few months old. Hehe.

#3. Craving to board a flight
This one i think is a little bit weirder because I rarely heard a pregnant woman craving to board a flight. So what I did was, booked tickets to Kuching for two, and I went to Kuching when I was 7 months pregnant. I had to get doctor's approval and everything, but at the end of the day I think the trip was really worth it! I love, love Kuching and I was even more in love with Kek Lapis Sarawak! It was really heavenly.

Well, those are the 3 things that I can think of right now. Thanks goodness I was not craving for something even more weird like craving for daging kuda ke..It would be hellish for Husband. Haha. All in all being pregnant is heavenly, the only thing that I dread was the giving birth apart. Huwaa!

5 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

yes.. i do missed my pregnant phase sometimes.. ;)

ummi balqis said...

my oh my... i wouldn't walk that far with big belly.. hahaha! but, yerp.. that was the most daring one i guess.. haahha

precious innocent said...

walked form uptown to ou?? giler jauh tu!!!

org x pelik ke tgk preggy lady jln2 sorg2 ek?? or that time ur belly x brp nampak lg???

i dulu, sbbkan turun naik tangga .. ada la 3 kali bleeding.. hu hu...

but i missed preggy time... nak ape pun sedaya upaya org akan tlg dptkan utk kita... n yg bestnye, leh manja2 dgn semua org.. he he

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

pregnant=pampered..agaknya sbb tu saya suka..haha

ummi balqis
kalau difikir secara rasional pon i won't do it..haha

precious innocent
that time perut tak nampak sgt lagi..agaknya org tak perasan kot..tp masa 9 months tu i penah la jugak jatuh terduduk kat tepi kaki lima sbb kasut licin..risau gila! nasib baik takde apa2..hehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

i also missed the pregnant moment...
being manja to all people...he he he

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