Saturday, July 19, 2008

The first post (after one month)

It's been a month since my last entry!

Life has been so hectic lately, and alhamdulillah I have completed my Induction Course and BTN - yes, saya yang (tak berapa nak) menurut perintah<-- keje gomen la ni maknanya. Husayn was so good during my BTN course, mind you I did my BTN at Kulai, Johor and it was really exhausting 5 days and 4 nights. You would not believe how much they keep brainwashing us from all the lectures and group activities even to kuliah subuh! No wonder as soon as I reached home from BTN I was down with fever and worse even Husayn was affected too. But all is well now, thanks goodness! Anyway Husayn has caused me this 2 weeks ago:
Ha, now that is a perfectly nice round marks. And the bruises still have no come off either (ignore all the bulu please..hehe). Actually I tried to run after him because he was running to the kitchen to play with the pinggan mangkuk and dustbin but I have totally forgotten that before that he took his milk bottle upside down and goncang2 the bottle ala-kicap and some of the milks spilled all over the floor. It was really an excruciating pain and at first I could not get up. Eh, I was even crying! And then my husband came over and helped me to get up and Husayn was puzzled why mummy is crying, and then he hugged me and kiss my tears away. Pandai pulak nak ambik hati mummy.

And now 2 weeks later the marks and bruises are still there, but it's ok I'll live. Biarlah mummy yang jatuh pun takpe, kalau anak jatuh lagi sedih. Betul tak kaum ibu sekalian?

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Zuhaini said...

hihi..betul! by the way, nampak macam besar je lukanya.. berdarah tak? i thought i kena di BTN.. rupanya di umah.. siannye...

Zuhaini said...

ish.. silap taip lak.. "i thought U kena di btn....." macam mana bole silap taip.. (i dan u rupanya side by side..) sori.. hihihi..

Mama Mya said...

betul2 biar kita yg sakit jgn anak yg sakit huhuhu

p/s : mummy, leh kasik kita email address mummy x? send kat kita nye email yer time kasih..

hope cepat sembuh

supermummy said...

luka tu tak sempat nak berdarah..dah terus beku..haha..saya pun musykil tgk luka terus jadi darah beku ni..

mama mya
ok sekarang jugak saya email..hehe

precious innocent said...


-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

btn mmg sgt hu hu
tp nasib masa zana perg btn last 2 year x byk xtvt sgt....lega ler sikit

pandai husyan ambil hati mummy
dah buat salah kan

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