Friday, August 1, 2008

Isn't it time for a big big break?

The last time we went for holiday (me, Husband and Husayn) was on April where we went to Genting Highlands to celebrate Husayn's birthday. I was skeptic at first because I was afraid Husayn will be all cranky since Genting is supposed to be cold and I was also afraid he will not be getting enough sleep. I mean we are not going to stay for overnight at Genting but instead we went in the morning and went back at 10pm.

But it turned out he really loves Genting and luckily I brought a long tupperware full of his favourite Honey Stars so I can just sumbat his mulut everytime he started to go restless. As for milk, everytime I have the chance me and Husayn will go hiding into a nearby surau so I can breastfeed him. No problem there, thanks goodness!

Playing with the dinosaur
nearly getting hit by red bus

running from the dinosaur

riding dumbo with Husband

waiting for the ulat train

All in all Genting was absooolutely fantastic and I love watching Husayn's face when he looked at all those things or games he's never seen before. Well, at least it's worth the flu that Husayn got after going back from Genting due to the weather. Haha. Kesian, tapi takpe sebab bestkan!

Anyway, me, Husband and Husayn are going away again for our vacation this time at Sabah. Yippee! This will be Husayn's first time boarding a flight and I'm really really hoping he will sit still or even better just sleep..Kehkeh..I will be back on Tuesday! Catch up with you all later!

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achee_b165 said...

wah...syok nyer jejalan..bila bby dh leh kenal bnda kt around dia,tu yg syok...leh ajar mcm2...

mama pn dh lama x bwk oja jalan... end of this month balik kg.... rindunye! x sbr nk tgu ujung bulan...huhu!

Zuhaini said...

seronoknye! wah.. Sabah.. best tu! :) happy vacation!

supermummy said...

ha betol..suka sgt tgk baby bila dia mcm pelik tgk benda2 baru..kehkeh

thank you :)

dott said...

Have a nice trip to Sabah! Are you going to KK. They serve the best seafood at an affordable price. I had food poising since every day makan seafood..hahaha

Blog all about it once you get back!

Btw bring new toys yg he has not seen/play this is to occupy him masa dalam plane.

Tie said...

Salam kenal.. wah best gak dpt makan angin... kita ni entah bila yek.. Tgk bus merah tu besar gak.. Takut lak..

shafa said...

Bercuti bestnya...bila i punya turn nie. Nak kena planning awal nie. Cute baby.

supermummy said...

yes i'll be in kk, kundasang and keningau and anywhere in between..hehe

hi thanks for visiting this blog. bas merah tu tak gerak pon..bole makan2 dlm tu sbb ada cafe..hehe

tu la nak bercuti kena simpan duit..tu yg boring tu..kalau byk duit kan best kan..tak yah nak pikir2..hahah..anyway thanks for dropping by!

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