Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Husband

inspired by Andra & the Backbone's Sempurna

It's Batik Thursday!
Anyway for today,enough about Husayn (but mummy still cannot get enough of you though, hehe), let's concentrate on the Husband today.
I got this from Kelly and I thought it will be fun to do it. Well here goes:

Where did you meet your husband?
I first met my husband during my internship at PJ. He was one of the staff at the company that I was doing my internship with. He was this chap with curly long hair (ala2 mat rock pulak..haha) and my initial reaction was "ok..he looks fine..but i think i'm in love with someone else". He even called me notorious girl because I was so full of mischiefs (that's what he said anyway) and always slept at the office.

What was the first thing you said to your husband?
Nothing. I just smiled. (Malu punya kes la kot kononnya ni!)

Where was the first date?
I don't think I remember our first date because I'm not sure which one or even where is the first date. Bole ke camni? You see, we were friends first before we were labelled as couple. And I always bully him to be my driver to ferry me from my uni in Cyberjaya to my home in PJ. I guess after a couple of those bully session it just grew on you and suddenly you just felt that he has to be with you all the time.

Did you have a long or short courtship/ engagement?
We started dating back in 2002 until 2005. But believe it or not he never actually met my parents until we were engaged! (kes takut la ni..haha)

Where did you get engaged?
We got engaged on August 2005 at my parents' house at PJ. It was a low key affair attended by his relatives and mine. He did not attend the engagement ceremony because his father asked him not to because he thought it was improper. What I love most about the engagement is designing the hantaran. That was my favourite! In fact I think I spent more thoughts on my engagement hantaran than my wedding hantaran.
one of the hantaran
Where did you get married?
We got married at my hometown in Batu Pahat on Saturday, June 3, 2006. It was lovely and I enjoyed every single minute of it, minus a few minor incidents. Incident #1: A few minutes before we were supposed to 'nikah' I asked my sister to iron the 'selendang' that I was suppose to wear. And guess what she accidentally burnt the selendang! Luckily it was still wearable and the burnts marks were perfectly hidden. And to add more woes, the selendang was actually rented from the mak andam and I ended up paying for the selendang as ganti rugi. Now the burnt selendang is actually mine. Hehe.

Incident # 2: My aunt has forgotten to do the sireh junjung! We realised that at the morning of the nikah. The sireh junjung was done around 1 1/2 hour befor the nikah. It was fine at the end and the sireh junjung looks ok to me. Besides the sireh junjung we also has forgotten to buy the cake which was supposed to be one of the hantaran! I told you how I spent more thoughts (and money!) on my engangement hantaran. Luckily we found a kek lapis inside the fridge and we simply put it as one of the hantaran.

How did the reception go?
friends who came
The reception was held at my hometown in Batu Pahat, the same day of nikah ceremony. It was so full with relatives and friends. There were a few tolls for the pengantin lelaki with the mak andam one the highest. We were married at Johor, what did you expect anyway..haha. It was a very memorable day, only thing is the next day me and my husband had to cuci all the periuk, that even all my inai came out!

As for the reception at my husband side, it was held at Taiping. Knowing me, there was one incident before the reception at Taiping that left me crying. It was at Taiping Resort and we were ready to go and with me complete with my bersanding outfit and makeup, that was when I realised I lost my wedding ring and engagement ring! Everyone went searching for it while husband was already fuming with me because I have forgotten where I put the rings. I was in tears searching for the rings and alhamdulillah at last we found it! Actually I accidentally put the rings on a kain batik and without me realising it I folded the kain batik and passed it to my mum who was going to the car. Luckily the rings were neatly tucked inside the kain batik when we found it. Just imagine what if the rings fell onto the street, then there would be no chances of finding it!

How was the honeymoon?
Ah the honeymoon.. actually we never had the chance to exactly go honeymoon because one month after we were married I got pregnant with Husayn. But we did go to Kuching when I was 7 months pregnant because I was really mengidam to naik flight! Haha. I had to get doctor's approval just to board the flight but everything was fine and dandy. I even walked from bandar Kuching to Pasar Satok which was quite far, even for non-pregnant human! Anyway Kuching was really really nice and I really loveee the Kek Lapis Sarawak! Nyum Nyum

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nnurintan said...

u org bp ke??i pun bp gak..

supermummy said...

haa bp..dekat2 parit raja..tapi sebenarnye di antara air hitam dgn parit raja..u bp kat mana?

Zuhaini said...

uish.. nak tengok rupa sireh junjung yg siap dalam sejam setengah bole..? hihi

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ohh..kenangan mengusik jiwa...ngee :D
lama x masuk sini..terkena tag pulak ye :)

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ha nanti saya cari kalau terjumpa..haha cincai je tu

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eh, we shared the same annivesary date lah... same year laks tu...

supermummy said...

ooo ya ke..tu la..i pon dah jumpa a few people yg kahwin on the same date..haha..anyway happy belated anniversary to u + ur hubby mimzzy!

precious innocent said...

i pun kwn biasa2 je dulu dgn hubby, b4 kami betul2 bcinta.. errr.. bcinta?? hehe...

-mama emma-

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cool ler kaler purple intan
org johor kalu kawen meriah kan....

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