Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The day I stop pumping

mine is like this, only more comot kot

I never thought I will stop pumping milk at the office as early as this. Well ok, so Husayn is already 15 months++ but I thought I will continue pumping until he nearly turns 2, which is April next year. Gone are the days of bringing my trusty Avent bag everywhere and spending nearly one hour in the surau because I will start pumping right after my Zohor and Asar. And oh yes, the headaches I felt everytime my milk supply is running low, and drinking Horlicks three times a day to increase my milk supply.

Breastfeeding is certainly an adventure and I really love every single minute of it.

Here are tips that I have gather for all mummy and mummy to be out there that I have tried and experienced. I can’t say it will work well for other people, but you don’t have anything to lose if you try right?

During pregnancy:
1. Focus
To start breastfeeding is you have to set your mind that you really want to breastfeed your child. For Muslims the most powerful weapon is of course doa.
You can refer to this post for my doa.

2. Comb your breast
Yes you read it right! Comb or sikat your breast during your pregnancy especially when you are 7 months and above pregnant. I read somewhere it will improve you milk flow and prevent milk duct. I admitted that I ritually did this during my morning bath starting when I was 7 months pregnant. Husband will usually give this weird look, but just ignore it. Men are always like that anyway, haha.

A little research in this age of internet won’t hurt. Go to laleche or kellymom for thorough info on breastfeeding. To read others breastfeeding experiences for local there are always and Parenting Forum in website.

After giving birth and during pantang
*Please note that I was c-sect, so I can only relate my experience through a c-sect person point of view.

1.Baby Friendly Hospital
Some private hospitals will right away give your baby formula milk. So if you give birth at private hospital the most important thing is tell the doctor and nurses that you want to breastfeed. I was c-sect at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre and I only got to nurse my Husayn the next day after he was born. The Dr was even helpful enough to show me position that is effective for me to breastfeed Husayn. She called it ‘football’ position (imagine American football or rugby). Don’t think it was fine and dandy though. I remember Husayn crying his heart out, maybe because the milk is running slow. But I just fed him and the more he sucked, the more the milk came out.

2. Nursing on demand
During pantang it is important to nurse your baby on demand. This will make the milk comes out freely, but beware you may have sleepless nights, just what I have experienced! You see Husayn always woke up during the night and I still cannot nurse him while lying down so I have to nurse him for hours until the wee hours of the morning while sitting down!

3. Use both breast
This is to prevent engorgement. I won’t lie to you that the first few days of breastfeeding was really painful and I even cried everytime I have to breastfeed. But hang on, and you will get used to it. For me, I switched breast in every breastfeeding session so this will ensure the milk supply in both breasts are well, balance maybe?

4. Start pumping for milk supply
This milk supply is for the purpose of when you start to work. Milk in freezer (referring to two doors refrigerator) can be stored up to 3 months. Buy loads and loads of milk bottles (or storage or however you choose to keep your milk stock). I started saving for stock 2 weeks before I started working. As you know, I use Avent manual for pumping and it works really well though you will end up have sore hands due to enormous hand exercise.

5. Teach you baby to drink from the bottle
This is the hardest part for me! Husayn totally refuse bottle when I tried to teach him to drink the pumped milk from the bottle. I never actually succeed in getting him to drink from the bottle but miraculously the frst day at the babysitter’s house he did drink from the bottles with no problem at all.

bolehkah saya nak susu lagi mama? husayn at 3 months
(dulu montel sekarang buncit kat perut je!)

At the office
1. Pump at the same time everyday
This really works for me. I remember for the first 8 months, I will pump milk at 11am, 2pm and 5pm at the office everyday. I even did the same thing during fasting month and I have no problem of low milk supply at all during puasa.

2.Boost milk supply
I regularly take Horlicks, sometimes up to 3 times a day to boost my milk supply. Supplements that I consume include obimin, kalsium and vitamin c. And most of all just drink gallons and gallons of water!

That are some of my tips that I can share. Well currently, I still have my milk supply, it’s just that I’m too lazy to pump it because it’s too little. I prefer going back at the end of the day and straight away breastfeed Husayn. Anyway, if he’s with me, Husayn still cannot sleep without breastfeeding and he even screamed “Mak! Nenen!” and pulling at my tudung in public. Haha.

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i'm kelly said...

wow! great tips. i wish i had read something like this before having kids!

supermummy said...

hey kelly! thanks for dropping by!

Zuhaini said...

great tips! :)

ummi balqis said...

hurmmmmmm.. i am like 'menyesal' tak belajar n study dalam2 psl breastfeeding b4 bersalin arituh... when i read this, i felt even more menyesal... huhu. hope its not too late.. kan?

precious innocent said...

gogo bf mom!!!

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

i hope i can bf adik batrice
lg lama dari hu hu

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maria pn harap leh bf anak maria nnt..thanks for info k..

lady D said...

jarang dengar orang still manually pump..sebab skrg ramai yg guna pump ade motor skali cam medela or spectra kan..hmm...hopefully i can breastfeed my baby bila dia keluar nnt:))

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