Friday, June 6, 2008

Towards a frugalicious mummy

Mulai hari ni Husayn makan biskut marie je la ye sebab mummy are going frugalicious!

Yesterday as me and my husband stuck in the traffic crawl that originated from people rushing to nearby petrol station, I kept thinking haven't I been frugal enough all this while?

I mean, I'm the kind who think like zillionth time everytime I want to buy something expensive whether it is for me or Husayn. I shop at Brands Outlet and Reject Shop and I'm not that fussy over brands names products though there were times when impulse buying frenzy struck that I found myself with expensive so-called brand names that I don't know myself what got me into buying it. I usually fly Air Asia for holiday and I wait for their free tickets sales. My husband drives a Kelisa and we only have one car. And last but not least, our little family live with my parents. Isn't that frugal enough?

But maybe I forgot that I live in KL and KL of course has countless shopping malls, and when those little trips to shopping malls added up, those little trips seem not so little anymore. And there I was thinking I was frugal but maybe not!

So here's a towards a frugalicious mummy:

Give birth at Government hospital
I know it's cheaper and it's FOC for government slave like me but do I really want to do that? I spent more than 5k during Husayn's birth because I was c-sect at Kelana Jaya Medical Center and I really like the place. I don't know whether I am willing to do this for the next one.
Make your own baby food
I know how easy it is to grab Heinz baby food from the supermarket shelves, but I guess it is better if we make our own babyfood. More berkat after all from mummy own hands. But how would a working mummy like me manage this if as soon as we arrive home we are just too tired to do anything except sitting in front of the tv. Well, there's always!
Learn how you can cook for your kids and store the food for everyday use!

Buy kids clothes at second hand shop/warehouse sales/sales
Well, I do shop at Brands Outlets and Reject Shop and sometimes I do take leave to rush to warehouse sales, and can you believe how many sales have Sogo organised this year. I think in most time of the year they are on sale until I don't know whether the items are really on sales or not. But sometimes price at warehouse sales are more or less the same as the price in shopping malls during sales, so beware.

Less toys, more creativity
I get excited whenever I see toys at the mall and thinking how Husayn would be excited playing those toys. That's why I rarely ventures into the toys area, not because I want to deprive my son of toys but because whenever I buy those toys he rarely plays with them. Instead he prefer to play with any objects that he found around the house. In fact he prefer to play with an empty box instead of his toys.

Always plan
I think the most important thing is plan your budget. Create a budget file for yourself in Excel and see how you fare in a month. Always plan your purchase (this is veryyy hard for me!) and set target for yourself for your child. Don't forget to save for your kids education too!

Well that's some of the tips that I can think of right now. If any mummies have any other tips in mind, feel free to share!

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Anasfadilah said...

jahit sendiri baby stuff (well,my case..some of it..hehe) like baby softbook,booties,bips..those samll thing je..yg lain beli juge..tapi pun cheap2..

nnurintan said...

yeah..kami juga..

x kisah pun beli baju kat brand outlet, berasak2 kat warehouse, tunggu free tickets flight for holiday n so on..

yg penting kita happy n enjoy!!

**err..kita x reti jahit n x suka kita suka upah org jahit baju skali byk ko..kekekek tu sume stok baju ms dpt hantaran smpai la lepas branak..setahun ada la 5-6 helai yg tertunggak..

suka entry u kali ni..very humble..

supermummy said...

bunda pandai jahit...jelesss..hehe

ahaha best kan cabaran nak dapatkan free ticket flight ni.. dulu masa blom kawin kita suka redeem ticket wayang free..kan selalu ada kat paper ataupon website the star..haha nak jimat punya pasal..sanggup tu

Mimi said...

oh gawd.. i cn never be frugal..

precious innocent said...

Give birth at Government hospital - done!

Make your own baby food - check!

Buy kids clothes at second hand shop/warehouse sales/sales - huge fan of BO.. haha (pecah rahsiaku!!)

Less toys, more creativity - ryan bagus, toys yg dah out of shape pun dia belasah je...

-mama emma-

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