Saturday, June 7, 2008

Poo baby poo!

Husayn at 1 months trying to poo and I managed to capture it..wooho!

I have 5 younger siblings, but never once in my life have I ever clean their stools. Well, except once when my youngest sister was 3 and I had to clean up her poo when my mother was not home. Guess what did I do? While holding my breath, I took the toilet brush (yes the one that you use to clean toilet bowls) and as careful as I could I clean her using those brush! Maybe that's what being geli can do to you and maybe that's why my mother never ask me to wash my other siblings stools ever again.

So imagine my horror when I have to clean Husayn's poo for the first time. Well, it was in the hospital and to my utter amazement, I felt okay. Thank goodness for wet wipes, everything is clean and dandy less than a minute. One of the best thing about breastfeeding is, the baby's poo does not have that foul smell like I am used to. And of course armed with water spray and wet wipes, cleaning baby stools have never been so easy peasy.

But at nearly 14 months now, how Husayn's stools have rapidly 'developed'. From odourless, to smell that can lingers feets away, and from wet wipes to straight to the toilet, my baby has really grown. He even enjoys his 'kentut', laughing away at the sound. Haha, sorry if you found this entry disgusting. Anyway this entry is inspired by my son laughing fit in the toilet yesterday when he suddenly poop as I was readily dressed in my office attire complete with tudung. As I was washing his little buns, he kept laughing and shouting 'dah! dah!' maybe because of the cold morning water and as a sign of love, he bites me and presented me with this bruises on my shoulder. How sweet of you Husayn, babab nanti baru tau..haha..

Have an excellent weekend everyone!

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intanjameel said...

hi intan,
first time here. Will check again later. daaa

roszs said...

hi supermummy,

teringat my 2 months old baby..masa poo poo pun muka 'semacam' gitu.. satu lagi kalau dia nak poo atau dah abis poo.. mesti hiccup...mcm signal je.. he..he

roszs @ little mama

mama ryan said...

ala.. ur entry nie reminds me of my lil ryan's poo2 smell 6mths ago..

time tu xde pun bau..

la nie, dah start solid, waaaaaaaaaa.... busyuk!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Mya said...

hehehe poo poo yer.. cik mya kalau poo poo mesti melalak nye.. dia nangis lepas poo poo coz geli kat montot dia

re = thanks yer hope x de apa pe gak

supermummy said...

hi, thanks for dropping by!

aha..hiccup tu tanda lega agaknya..hehe

mama ryan,
haha..betol..once dah start makan mcm2 tu yg bau pon sedap semacam..heheh

mama mya,
aha cik mya pon geli ek kat poo poo dia..heheh..comell!

Mimi said...

hehehe.. one more.. did u ever think that u'll ever worried of someone NOT 'pooing' in one day?!

i tell u, everything change when u become a mother.. hahaha.. :D

nifalnin... said...

heheh.. sgt comey kan bile baby nah poo poo.. tp kesian pun ade gak... after buang jer, kompom nangis... heheh.. geli la tu...
cian kat husayn.. merah muke...

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