Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mary had a little lamb

merdunya suara mummy saya sampai tetidur

Do you sing for your baby? Well I did and still do. I know my voice is not something that can make me a Malaysian Idol winner, but at least to Husayn, that is the best voice he ever heard, judging by his response clapping and cheering everytime I finish singing. Haha, thanks goodness for Husayn, if not who else will listen to me torturing them with my singing!

When Husayn was still in my womb, it did feel weird talking to my ballooning tummy. I read somewhere that talking to your unborn baby during pregnancy will lead to an active baby. Every morning after Subuh I will have the same ritual of reading the Quran for my baby. Let's see there's Surah Mariam for easy birth, Surah Yusuf for beautiful, healthy good looking baby, Surah Luqman for smart and soleh kid. And I did sing and babble a lot too. I always think that Husayn's fav song when he was in the womb is Gwen Stefani's The Sweet Escape for he will do his summersault and kickboxing everytime he heard that song.

And during the pantang, I always watch MTV and Channel V with him and he will sleep soundly even when a headbanging song came on. I also sang Anak Itik Tok Wi (learned this at school aeons ago!), the Labah2 song (itsy bitsy spider malay version), this one was when he learned how to crawl and various other song that I also have a problem remembering now. Haha.

Currently his favourite is Thomas and Friends song where he will sit so still and then smile knowingly and start to move his body back and forth and finish with a clap. And everytime he cries I always turn on this mp3 from my phone titled Mariam jaga Kambing (malay version of Mary Had a Little Lamb!). Lyrics as below:

mariam jaga kambing
jaga kambing
jaga kambing
mariam jaga kambing mulut putih bersih

mana saja ia pergi
ia pergi
ia pergi
mana saja ia pergi anak kambing ikut sama

satu hari ke sekolah
ke sekolah
ke sekolah
satu hari ke sekolah buat mariam susah

murid ketawa riang
ketawa riang
ketawa riang
murid ketawa riang lihat kambing mariam

mariam jaga kambing
jaga kambing
jaga kambing
mariam jaga kambing mulut putih bersih

And after that song ends, he will continue to cry again. Haha. Susah macam ni.

5 superstars:

Mommy Lily said...

anak buah i pon suka kan lagu mariam jaga kambing ni... funny and cute aje kann

i pon dah start singing for lily...

nannoor said...

so cute lah the lirik... nk try to sing that to my dotter lah. heheeee
anyway, salam perkenalan.

Mama Mya said...

cik mya tido nak nyanyi pun x sempat.. hisap tetek(wah bahasa) terus lena..

re = tido baring sambil nengok tv syiok kan hehehe

supermummy said...

mommy lily
tu la..terutama part kambing pegi sekolah..kehkeh

aha..sila2 menyanyi..salam perkenalan juga!

mama mya
haha sama la mcm husayn..tapi selalunya mama husayn ni yg tetido dulu..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

leh share x lagu nie kat sini??

-mama emma-

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