Thursday, June 5, 2008

The hand that rocks the cradle

Baby cradle or 'buai' has long been the choice of the mothers in my family to put their tots to sleep. In fact when I was a baby, my mother said that I will always cried whenever I did not get to sleep in the cradle. And so, my 5 other following siblings also followed my suit and there began the journey of carrying the cradle anywhere we went.

When I first got back from the hospital after giving birth, my parents have been pestering me to buy a cradle for Husayn. "Nanti lena sikit dia tidur" my mother said. I agreed with her on that but silently I refused to buy the cradle. Not because I want to deprive my own child with a good night sleep, but because I don't want him to depend too much on the cradle, and certainly I don't want to be carrying that cradle every where we go if we travel, after all our car is only a tiny Kelisa!

The bouncer

You'd think my problems will be lessen if I refuse the cradle but of course challenges always found itself around the corner. Husayn refused to sleep without breastfeeding and I have to breastfeed him while sitting down for hours due to my c-sect pain. There were a lot of nights my husband had to carry him and dodoi him to sleep. And on one sweet day, I've got this idea to turn the baby carrier that I got from MyDear warehouse sale for only RM98 into a baby bouncer.

I really,really love the carrier-cum-bouncer. It can be rocked back and forth and for RM98 I think I got a good value for a sturdy, fit anywhere and multipurpose baby carrier. It fits perfectly in the car, he can sleep in the carrier, and I can bring it anywhere. It was really useful especially during last year's Hari Raya when we spent days visiting countless relatives.

And for nearly one year my parents keep asking me when to buy the precious cradle and I managed to resist. Came the day that I have to go for outstation and leave Husayn at home with my mother. That was the day I finally relented and buy a cradle. Husayn was 11 months.

Now at nearly 14 months, I can say that he definitely does not depends on the cradle to go to sleep. The problem is at night he depends on his night time breastfeeding session and this caused quite a ruckus when I was away from home. Oh well maybe my mother can solve that..hehe

Husayn sleep tight

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NadiahKhair said...

I had the same problem when Iman was a baby. Had to pekakkan tinger everytime my mom mentioned the darn thing. And now, she once admitted that thank god Iman slept where ever dibaling. :D
Good luck with Husayn. Try to wean him off it. It'll be tough for a couple of days, but I'm sure he'll be use to sleep without it.

Btw, Husayn is such a cutie. Reminded me of Iman when he was HUsayn's age. Boohoo.

supermummy said...

lucky u your mom is grateful for not having the cradle. my mom pulak still keep saying 'kan dah kata..lagi senang ada buai ni'..haha.

Mimi said...

hahaha.. u know wat i had n still face the same prob.. but finally i bought the 'darndest' thing when awisy ws 1++ mth sbb he was colicky n mmg payah giler2 nk tdo malam + not only my parents, my dear hub pun pushing me to use that thing..

tapikan kt umah baby sitter also use this spring cradle, so xleh nak elak.. if wif me for sure die kene paksa tdo bawah hehehe.. now he cn sleep both ways but of course without the cradle take time sikit as he is free to roam about the room huhuhu..

n soo jeles wif nad, campak mane2 Iman leh tdo yek!!

precious innocent said...

pasal buai nie ek? mujur ryan dah boleh tido without it.. tp susu mmg xleh lepas...

-mama emma-

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