Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gift Ideas: Diapers Cupcakes

Have you heard of diaper cakes? The first time yours truly heard about it, the initial reaction was "gelinya!". The reason was I thought they were making cakes using dirty diapers! How gross is that! But thanks goodness I was proven wrong. Actually diaper cakes are a bunch of diapers being rolled up and bunch together to create a sort of cake look-alike. I rarely heard or saw diaper cakes in Malaysia but I always stumbled upon websites, especially from the US selling all this absolutely cute and creatively done diaper cakes. They even have this 2, 3 ,4 or more tiers to their cakes just like the real cakes!

These are some of the samples that I found on the net:

Thomas-inspired diapers cake

got milk inspired

And I myself after browsing all through this super cute diaper cakes made an attempt to create my own diaper cake, eh cupcake. Because it was first attempt I thought I should be making cupcakes first. The results are the elephant diaper cupcakes! Details of ingredients are as below:


6 pcs Huggies Dry Size M Diapers
IKEA's Hocus Blanket - (85x110cm)

IKEA's Barnslig Elefant
4 pcs Anakku Safety Pin

It was fun and I gave the cupcake to my ex-colleague who was having a baby at the time. And she really loves it! I just wish all those baby shops start making diaper cakes instead of the usual baby hampers that we give to someone when they have babies. Or do we already have that here but I still have not realise it? Haha.

Enough about diapers, anyway yesterday we went to One utama to look for Husayn's new sandal. The current shoes have gone tight as Husayn's feet is growing fast. It was really tiring going from Jusco to Parkson and scouring every kid's outlets that we can find but they all don't have his size! It was either too small, or too big and we even found one that was his size but the sandals are koyak at the corner. It was really unbelievable!

And to make it even more tiring my 'smart' husband decided beforehand not to bring Husayn's old shoes because he assumed that we will find the new sandals first so we did not need to bring his old shoes for him to wear. And husband ended up carrying Husayn all the way. Kehkeh.

Bila nak dapat kasut ni mama?

And to make unbelievable more unbelievable we bought his sandals at Jusco, which was the first shop that we went. What a waste of those time walking from old wing to new wing! Bengang ni..haha. But the good thing about all those long walks was I found this shop:

I love FOS and Reject Shop and Brands Outlet alikes because I can find branded items for less. Well, I'm too kedekut to spend money at the respective brands outlet. Hehe. Since we were rushing yesterday, I did not get the chance to really browse through the shop, but well there's always next time. Til then!

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Mimi said...

finally updatessss.. :D
so u pun keje gomen eh??
sama company la kite :D

me, myself, cici and titi said...

hi... cute diaper cake...bleh order online tak?

supermummy said...

ya betol! hehe..tapi saya government agency..:)

me,myself,cici and titi
ha saya tak sure sebenarnye kalau kat malaysia ni kat mana nak order..tapi setelah di google saya terjumpa website ni http://www.gift-talk.com/Index.htm
konfem boleh order online..heheh

Zuhaini said...

uih.. comelnye... sayang nak makan.. :)

Zuhaini said...

oopps.. silap la.. ingatkan kek betul.. hihi.. selepas nengok website dia, baru ku tau.. hehe. sori ek..


salam....cute giler kek tu

supermummy said...

aha..kalau nak makan kek tu terpaksala makan dgn diapers nya sekali..kehkeh

crazy beautiful88
tu la mmg kiut..kadang2 tu kalah kek betul

Ninie said...

cute nya cup cakes diapers tu..lain dr yg lain..i tgh carik idea nak bg apa dkt my fren newborn baby ni...

i'm kelly said...

love the diaper cakes!

precious innocent said...

malaysian pun dah ada daipers cake nie.. alamak, ttiba lupa pulak site tu.. malay operated lg..

awat u x snap ur diapers cupcakes tu.. leh cuci mata...

-mama emma-

andongsari said...


Nak belajar buat diaper cake n go biz ker? I can help you.. I'm in the biz..



Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

comelnyer diapers cake tu

babydiapercakesngifts said...

website ini jual cute diaper cake di M'sia juga.. boleh order online..

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