Monday, June 9, 2008

Cubeecraft yourself

I really, really love this super cute cubee craft from!

Guaranteed to make you hook, cubee craft enable you to create various characters that include Ultraman, Supermario (yep like I did in the above picture), Indiana Jones and even Kermit the frog! You only need a printer, preferably a thicker paper, sciccors, and cutter. You don't even need a glue to combine it together!

By the way, I made one for Husayn, and he crumpled it and then just threw it I had to put it somewhere where he cannot touch it. Hehe..This also would make a cute and cheap gift to anybody so hope you enjoy it like I did!

Let's cubeecraft!

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precious innocent said...

bila la i nak cuba benda nie ek??

-mama emma-

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