Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Living with parents

No, I’m not talking about us being parents but what I mean is our own parents. Yes, I’m 27, married with a kid in tow and I am still living with my parents, oops I mean we are still living with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents very much and they really help me a lot in managing my daily life especially taking the initiative to bathe their grandson in the morning before I send him off to the babysitter or sometimes preparing food for my son and playing with him. And I am really really grateful for that.

But, sometimes when I think they cross the boundaries and spoil my son too much that’s where the dilemma sets in. You see, my son is a big eater and he will eat anything that you give him. In fact he loves picking things on the floor and swallow it in his mouth. So one day, when my son fell sick because he was given orange straight from the fridge at 6 months old, I was really torn. Torn because seeing my son down with fever and not knowing how to tell my parents that they should not fed him the orange at the first place.

I have a few related incidents after that, but my point is as parents we only want the best for our children. How do we tell our parents their actions are harmful to our child without hurting their feelings? Because as much as I love my child, I also do not want to hurt my parents’ feelings.

So then little by little I learn how to tell them whenever I feel their action is not right. I started with small things like food. The rule is always straightforward but never raise your voice. And most important is explain to them matter of factly should our child is allergic or anything. Never jump to conclusion or say anything that might hurt them. After all our parents have sacrificed so much for us and they love their grandsons or granddaughters just like us, maybe even more.

And I, the middle person between my son and my parents have to work even harder to make everybody happy. But seeing the results now, I think it was worth it.

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precious innocent said...

i nakkkk sgt tinggal dgn my parents... tp apekan daya, mother ku jauh di ipoh... so i tinggal dekat dgn family in law...

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

b4 ada anak me stay ngan parent in law almost 2 years....
bila ada anak dah start duduk sendiri even my princess still nenek dia yg jaga until now...yes, me agree
bila atuk nenek terlalu manjakan
kita rasa sgt susah utk memberitahu apa yg perlu or apa yg x perlu .......takut diaorg kecik hu hu
so apa yg zana buat now
biar dia manja kedaung bila ngan nenek or atuk dia
tp bila balik rumah
duduk ngan mama & papa
salah tetap salah
pukul tetap pukul...itu pelajaran...

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