Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'll link ya!

To all mummies out there, this blog's aim is to share the experiences of being mummy and I intend to link all mummies out there who blog about their tots or life as a mummy. So, I would like to invite you to submit your links to me and after a little nifty evaluation ( don't worry, this is just to make sure your blog are related to the subject), I will link you on my blog for no extra charges. Please note, priority is for Malaysian mummies (hence the Malaysian Super Mummy blog title!).

Please direct your submission to moodyschmoody@gmail.com or you can leave your link on this blog's comments. Hopefully this will bring all Malaysian mummies together so they can read about each other experiences and learn from each other.

All Malaysian super mummy now, unites!

4 superstars:

Ultra Cool Mama said...

Wow.. I think that's a really nice effort from you! Thanks! I've read your blog.. Great blog! I'm always excited to 'meet' other blogging Mommies AND who loves scrapbooking as well! Please link me at http://ultracoolmama.com Oh! And thanks for dropping my blog.

supermummy said...

thanks for visiting!

precious innocent said...

mcm mana u leh link i ek?? haha.. soalan merapu.. :P

-mama emma-

azura said...

valid lagi ke ni? i love ur blog so much and amat berharap dapat masuk dalam link u...kui3x *tak tau malu*

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