Monday, May 5, 2008

Hip to Breastfeed

Some say that breastfeeding is the trend in mummy’s world today. I’d say if it is trend then this is a good trend because breastfeeding is the most humbling and precious thing that you can provide your little ones.

When I was pregnant, I was too busy surfing the internet forums about the latest trends in maternity wear and wishing that I don’t have to wear that hideous flowery, flowing maternity dress. Deciding baby names, deciding which hospital to give birth, and shopping for babywear,I almost overlooked on the most important of it all – the after math of giving birth. I only found out about breastfeeding during my 6th month of pregnancy but that was because I accidentally browse a topic on breastfeeding in Forum Cari. And how overwhelmed I was!

I remember reading every posts and copy paste some of the posts so I can refer to it later. That was when I discover some tips to help stimulate the milk to comes out free flow. And so, every morning during my morning bath, I would comb ( yes, sikat!) my breast towards my nipple because I read somewhere that it helps to prevent blocked milk ducts. Of course, a little prayer and doa helps too. My doa reads “ Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, semoga aku akan dapat menyusukan anak di dalam kandunganku ini sehingga dia berusia 2 tahun”.

And so comes the moment of truth. I was c-sect, so I did not breastfeed my baby as soon as I gave birth. And to top it off ,my baby was provided formula milk at the hospital. The next day, the doctor came and teach me how to breastfeed. The initial experience was well, painful. My nipples are sore, my baby was crying and I felt so hopeless.

The next few weeks during pantang was even more tiring. I have to stay awake every night between 1 to 5 just to breastfeed my baby. And I have to do it while sitting down because my c-sect scar still did not permit me to breastfeed while lying down. I admit there were a few times I nearly give up because of the pain and the blood and it is so tiring! The devil in me fed my son with formula milk a few times during those tiring nights but miraculously, my son refused. If not because of his refusal, I will not continue breastfeeding until today, and I am glad for that.

I feel really grateful today because at 13 months my son still breastfeeds though formula milk have been added. I am proud to say that I exclusively breastfeed my son for 8 months, ritually pumping milk at office, crying for my son when I accidentally left the pump at home, dreading the day when supplies are low, and sleeping with my breast flash in the open so my son can easily grabs it when I was asleep.

To all mummy-to-be out there, equip yourself with breastfeeding knowledge and breastfeed your child! You have nothing to lose and I’d say breast milk smells nicer than formula milk!

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precious innocent said...

go go intan... adik husayn nnt, kasi dia bf lama sikit aaa, minus fm tu ya...

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

w/pun trend....itu adalah trend terbaik buat anak2 kita.......

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