Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Digital scrapbooking fun

How can you resist the colourful wonders of scrapbooking? The nifty little details and those polka dots ribbons and cute buttons. With scrapbooking photos that seem so plain look really meaningful, and with some creativity you can add some details that signify the photos; maybe ticket stubs, thoughtful notes or even newspaper cuttings.

Anyway, as much as I love scrapbooking, I prefer the faster and easier, not to mention cost-saving method: digital scrapbooking. Faster and easier because you can add any effects you want using Adobe Photoshop (nak lagi murah belila Adobe Creative Suite yg RM5 tu je.semuanya adaa..oops).The cost saving part is mainly because you do not need to buy any additional decorations for your scrapbook. The decorations can either be created yourself using Photoshop or downloaded at any other Scrapbooking free sites. My favourite is of course where there are loads and loads of free downloads that you can mix with each other to create a wonderful mix and match that is unique and absolutely fabulous!

Here's a scrapbooking idea that I did last year for Husayn. I did 2008 calendar, maybe you could do the same for your kids, in 2009 maybe?

2008 Calendar Scrapbooking Style
Items Needed:
*Loads and loads of free downloads of scrapbooking fonts, templates, embellishments
*Adobe Photoshop of course or any other graphic software of your choice
*A frame to put the calendar (I use IKEA Finlir Frame- price is around RM49 I think)

The most important is to set the desired size for your photo. Mine is set based on 4R photo size. Then, just play around with all the photos that you have, fonts, templates and embellishments. Here is some sample from my calendar:

The photos are all printed in 4R size. Anyway, the size is according to your chosen frame. So once it is completed you can put it anywhere you like..mine is seating comfortably besides my work station! Happy Scrapbooking!

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fealize_eleanoer said...

superb artworking! :D

supermummy said...

tima kasih cik fealize!

Mama Mya said...

wah cantinye sangat kreatif.. kita x pandai bab2 cam gini..

re = cik mya lum pernah cuba lipat baju coz mama cik mya malas nak lipat baju hehehehe

nnurintan said...

cantiknye kalendar..iman daniel kata bila husayn nak watkan utk dia :D

BizOpps2 said...
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BizOpps2 said...

I love your ideas I will have to give them a try.

Digital scrapbooking saves time and hassle. I use PhotoMix software to make collages for my scrapbooks. I can make them as elegant or wild as I want and the best part is I get to see the page before I enter it in my scrapbook. After I have the collage the way I want and printed out I add my own personal touch with my extras. I just love to add a little extra flair to it all. :)

Thanks again for the great ideas. Your calendars look great!

Happy scrapbooking! =)

supermummy said...

mama mya
tenkiu mama mya!

husayn kata bole je dia buatkan untuk iman daniel..tapi iman kenala kasi pengerasnya dulu..kihkih


precious innocent said...


-mama emma-

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