Saturday, May 24, 2008

China's mother no 1

China's mother no 1. Pic from

The recent China's earthquake was devastating and a lot of lives especially kids and babies have been victims to the earthquake. Can you imagine sending off your kids to school only to lose him in earthquake and never get to see him again? My heartful condolences to all the victims and families
and as for us in Malaysia, let us help them to rebuild their lives again through prayers and donations.

Yesterday I was browsing through and I came across this heartfelt story of a Chinese police officer who has been hailed 'China's mother no 1' for breastfeeding several infants who were separated from their parents or orphaned during the quake. How many of us would be willing to do that during those trying times? To me, it was really remarkable and selfless, because the police officer was not only giving milk, but also helping to save lives.

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MummyHanis said...

wow! baiknye that chinese lady!

jom mari mommy2 yg bole breastfeed beramai2 ke china to breastfeed baby!! heee

precious innocent said...

kalau u, sanggup x jadi ibu susuan nie??? in my case, i nak mcari ibu susuan tambahan utk ryan.. in case susu i x cukup.. huhu

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

oh my gud
mulianyer hati dia....
if i can
i pun nak jadi cam dia

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